Sunday, May 19, 2013

Escapism as Procrastination

It's hard to believe that I haven't posted about life, books, or reading in almost ten months. Of course that doesn't mean I haven't been reading, reading, reading in that time. Just the opposite. As I finished up my Education Specialist degree, I often indulged in my favorite form of procrastination -- "finishing a book." As in, "I have to finish this book and then I will write that paper, work on that portfolio, complete that assignment..." We won't talk about how I usually started said book just so I could say I had to finish it before working on schoolwork.

During those final four months of my degree, I managed to escape to England, Mt. Everest, Kenya in the 1920's, a few futuristic dystopian societies, Key West, Italy, 1930's Alabama, India, and a zoo.

I even started a Pinterest board where I could post all of the books I have read so far in 2013. Feel free to take a peek at it. 

Now that I am finished with my degree, I can get back to the things I enjoy most, including writing about what I am reading. My mind is already swirling with possible topics. 

Coming soon...

From Russia with Love or "Do They Sell Samovars on eBay?"

Into Africa or "My 30-year-old Love Affair with the British Empire"

An Everest Tale or "How I Fought Altitude Sickness and Chapped Lips and Consumed Too Much Chocolate"

Plus lots of upcoming summer reading including some aliens and ghosts!